Welcome to AnandImages.

I am a Brighton-based photographer and designer. The new work represented here is a glimpse of nature which exists all around us, yet which also changes with every passing second.
The ripples may be perceived as a reflection of our conceptions; they prompt us to reflect upon our experiences, they ask us to enquire into their nature, and how we see the world. Do we view with the colour of our past, or with the innocence of unfiltered reality? And which do we believe?
My sincere hope is that as you view this work, you find solace, tranquillity, and that your inner enquiry allows your own intimate reflection.

Thank you, Anand.
I am available for all types of photographic commissions.

Please feel free to contact me about my work.   07765 480746
For more information and sales, please contact: anand_day@hotmail.com